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Interested in working with us in some of the best locations on the planet?

Here’s what you need to work with us:


You need a qualification that reflects the list below. As our events focus on working with Ultra marathon runners having an understanding/interest for working with sports people is essential.

  1. Osteopath
  2. Physiotherapist
  3. Chiropractor
  4. Sports Rehabilitator
  5. Sports Massage Therapist - Level 3 and above
  6. Sports Therapist

If you have a qualification not listed that you feel would fit with us do email us on


Speak to your insurance provider to explore what you current cover offers. Here’s some important questions to check:

  1. Does your insurance cover you to practice in the country of the event?
  2. At some events we work with elite runners. Does your policy cover for working with elite runners?
  3. Does your policy cover you for the duration of the race?

How to join us

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Step 2

Apply for the events on offer

Are you a student and want to join our team? 

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