Are you a student therapist and want to get real world experience? Then look no further than Osteo Adventures.

Our events are setup to offer students therapists an opportunity to hone their skills in real life situations. You'd supervised by a qualified therapist and supported by a full medical team including Doctors, Nurses and Paramedics.

What type of student's do we accept?

Good question, we have a broad base of therapists we accept:

- Osteopaths

- Physiotherapists

- Sports Rehabilitators

- Sports Therapists

- Sports Massage Therapists

- Chiropractors

Any other qualifications can be explored on a case by case basis. Email us if this applies to you.

What does a student need to join us?

As a minimum a level 3 sports massage qualification gives you access to profesional imdemnity insurance to practice on patients. Many of the courses above offer access to this as part of your training.

If you are looking for an adventures and want to sign up for our events click on the link below to join our team and we'll get back to you shortly. Look at our events page for any events looking to recruit students specifically.