We know the support we offer can make the difference between making a checkpoint, finishing the day and crossing the finish line. Ultra running relies on you and only you to get to the finish line. We are here to change that. Like with every sporting event it takes a team of people supporting an athlete to achieve this. Ultra running should be no different to athletics or rugby

If you are considering using our support, see what previous runners below have said about our support

Before taking part in Ultra X Jordan I had never visited an osteopath, mainly because I have always been pretty lucky to never really be injured or have many niggles! I had heard of osteopaths but wouldn't be able to tell you the difference between and osteo and a physio.

Honestly, without Osteo Adventures being in the desert I don't think I would have finished the race in one piece! I was really lucky that I didn't pick up any serious injuries, but running 250km through a desert in 5 days means your body goes through a lot, and it definitely needed some TLC! After spending 10 minutes on the table with one of the team I pretty much felt brand new!

As a coach one thing I see time and time again is runners over doing it in the early days of their running careers - perhaps increasing their running load too quickly, running hard all the time and even neglecting rest days, and unfortunately this is where people pick up niggles, which can develop into something more serious. So even if you don't feel like you need it an 'MOT' with an osteo may be the best thing you can do at the start of your running journey!

I have participated in many Ultra Marathons in the world, the most important was finishing in first position in MDS in 2012. I have also finished first in Ultra X Jordan and Sri Lanka consecutively. 

The Osteopaths are there working hard to ensure each runner is in the best shape they can be. Even at a check point when the clock is ticking.

I consider these Osteopaths anonymous soldiers, keeping working until the early hours. This type of support is not found in other races in the world. I wasn't sure I needed their support, but once I visited the team for a calf issue I have been coming back every time I need to. 

I encourage professional and amateurs runners alike to seek the support of Osteo Adventures in any Ultra X event. They've helped me and many many more. 

I wish them all good luck for all the Ultra X events to come and can't wait to see them back in Jordan.

With only 3 weeks to prepare for the race and little sand specific training despite living in the desert I was a bit apprehensive and was really worrying about a tightness in my Achilles. I need not have worried as little did Osteo Adventures were on hand!

I had not heard of osteopaths before and I honestly thought they specialised in bones! So after the first day of running in soft sand my Achilles started to moan so I went to see the team. After treatment I hoped off the bed with new legs!

It became my twice daily ritual to see these guys not just for their miracle hands but for the banter. They were all so passionate about what they did and give me really insightful information about my body. The also knew when to just let you be and give you head space.

I think if you are considering running a multi day ultra and are quite new to it and worry about not finishing. The Osteo adventures team will work their magic and you’ll be on you way day after day!

I'm was an osteopath skeptic until I found myself in Sri Lanka doing a multi day ultra. Being a pasty, furry Welshman, my body didn't know what the hell was going on and It rebelled in a big way. 

By the second day my legs felt done in, as if it was the end of the fifth day. At a loss with what to do, and fearing a DNF, I flopped down on the osteo couch like an inanimate furry jelly fish with DOMS. What happened in the following 30 minutes was a miracle.

Kieran, from Osteo Adventures, sorted out three years worth of knots from my legs and the banter sorted out a few in my head as well. I don't think I would have made it through without the skill, experience and comradery that Kieran and his team have in the bucket-loads.

I would highly recommend getting their support to keep you going over multiple days of hard exercise. Miracle workers, thank you!

My first experience with Osteo Adventures was in April 2019 when I ran the UltraX 250 km ultra. I was generally fit, but hated running. I had to put my body through very tough running training in a short period of time. This, plus the actual race with every day running a marathon-and-a-bit-more in ridiculous heat heaved a lot of stress on my body during that week. 

Kieran and his team were amazing in helping us at the end of each day to get get ready for the next stage the following day. Their understanding of running mechanics, and specifically of ultra specific challenges the body has to cope with was really good, and each day runners were keen to get fixed again by these guys for another 50k run.

I can only recommend the Osteo Adventures to any serious runner to get race ready in the best shape possible.

Multi-day ultra-running teaches you a lot about how resilient you are, but also lays bare and exposes every niggle and injury you’re carrying.

There’s no better sight - 7 hours into a stage, deep in the chihuahuas canyons, with your legs hurting and your resolve flagging - than an osteopath and their couch, promising some relief and the gentle nudge you need to get yourself back to camp.

I owe my Ultra X Mexico finishers medal in part to the thorough and professional work of the osteopaths who kept me on my feet, managed my niggles and helped with my daily recovery all with a smile on their face.

I'd recommend their to support to anyone considering entering a multi-day Ultra Marathon. Even if you think you're going to be fine, having peace of mind they're around is well worth the investment.