Snowdonia in all it's glory is a great setting for a multi-day ultra marathon. This unique and challenging course leads runners from the northern Cambrian mountains to southern Snowdonia. It contains some of the highest peaks in the UK and follows a number of famous trails. The route the you from Machynlleth to the amazing Barmouth bridge and back.

This 5 day event totals 224km and also includes a 50km and 110 km race on the final two days of the week. 

Wales countryside
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Event information

What we cover

Accomodation - Camping - Tent provided

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner - Camping/Event food

Portable massage table - Fully stocked treatment bag

What you cover

Travel to and from the event

Optional local food outside of event days

Personal kit/clothes, extra food & snacks

Event: 5 day Ultramarathon



Arrive: Tueday 15/08/23

Depart: Monday 21/08/23

Crew briefing Tuesday AM - Must attend


Machynlleth - Snowdonia



Car, Train & BHX Airport




Local restaurants/hotel

Event - Freeze dried food 

E.g. ActivEat

Kit List

Here's a list of what you would 

need for the event

Example list

Therapist Deposit


Refundable upon completing event

Read this! Very important…

By completing the form below you have checked you are available, have insurance to work at the event and ready to take part. After your have applied we will announce the successful applicants from 4 month prior to the event. We’ll get you on onboard and secure your event deposits.

Make sure you have joined the Osteo Adventures team before applying

Event profile


How long are the events?

We work with Ultra X who offer 1, 2 & 5 day events.

Why do I need to pay a deposit?

This secures your place and helps us ensure our team is full for each event

When do I get my deposit back?

Typically after the event has finished. See our deposit policy for more information

When do I arrive and leave events?

Typically our team arrive 1 day before the runners and leaves 1 day after the event.

Can I arrive earlier and/or stay longer than the event?

But of course! Any expenses outside the event offering will be covered by you.

What does a typical event day look like?

Each day we offer pre/during/post run treatment, taping and encouragement to all runners on the event. 

Treatment is offered 1-2 hrs before the runners start. It is offered at checkpoints throughout the day and then again at the end of the day back in camp.

How many checkpoints are there per event

Each event will have between 3 and 7 pending the distance covered each day. You will be stationed at 1 or 2 checkpoints pending the course demands.

What does a checkpoint consist of?

Each checkpoint is roughly 10 km apart and consists of:

- 1-2 medics

- 2-3 general crew

- 1-2 therapists

Gazebo, Freeze dried food and hot water, Satellite phone (where appropriate), Treatment couch & therapist bag, Table and 30-50 litres of water & dispensers

How do we move around the event to checkpoints and the finish?

Ultra X provide hire cars and local crew cars for all events abroad. UK are the same but you can bring your own car if you please. Fuel used during the event will be reimbursed by Ultra X. To and from the event is not.

Is food provided during the event?

Yes freeze dried food is supplied. The supplier may change for each event. Food at hotels or campsites before and after the event may include breakfast and dinner. Check the specific event page for details.

Are tents provided or do I bring my own?

For UK events you are welcome to bring your own tent, but Ultra X supply 2 people tents allocated 1 per person. For abroad events Ultra X provide large 8 people tents where appropriate. Check the specific event page for details

What other duties may I be asked to do?

When supporting Ultra X at their events we will be working alongside medics and general crew We are on hand to help the runner get those most out of the whole experience. Our priority is supporting the runners during the event; however helping pack your truck, organising runners as they arrive and check their kits are compliant is part of what we do.


What do I need to bring to treat?

Nothing, unless you have particular tools or equipment you want to use. We provide a treatment couch, PPE and a treatment bag containing:

- A variety of tape - Zinc Oxide, K-Tape and Elastic Adhesive Bandages (EAB)

- Instant Ice packs

- Scissors, Adhesive spray

- Massage oil

- Treatment gloves

- Couch cleaning products

How long can the days be on during the event?

The days can demanding for the longer event particularly. Some days you start at 4:00 and finish at 21:00. However, there are plenty of opportunities to nap during the event if you need to catch up on sleep.