What we do

Our team of therapists provide event based care to your clients wherever you may be in the world. Whether you have a multi-day ultra marathon or a weekend retreat we can bring a range of hands-on treatments and support options to you.

What do we offer

Bespoke single day, weekend, week and longer event support

We started supporting multi-day ultra marathons in 2017 bringing Osteopaths, Sports Massage therapists and Physiotherapists to the Wadi Rum desert, Sri lankan tea plantations and the Copper Canyons of Mexico.

Since then we have branched out into a wider world of event support.

Ultra marathons - single & multiday

Running & health festivals

Activity holidays - running, cycling and mixed activities

Health retreats - yoga, wellbeing & training camps

Single day events - running, cycling, traithlon & many more

We tailor our support to what your event needs. We have a therapists from all over the world on hand to get involved and support your clients.

We provide the treament table and kit for each event so all you have to do is sit back in the knowledge we've got it sorted.

Just tell us what you need and we can work out the right plan for you.

Why have therapists at your event?

Give your clients that extra support

Having therapists supporting your clients opens up a range of benefits. Some are much more obvious than others, but still and excellent addition to your event.

Endurance events

Getting people to finish

Some may feel their body isn't up to the challenge, ready to breakdown because of an old injury. We can keep people going through a range of effective treatment & taping skills.

Making the experience less painful

Why suffer?! why not give people an opportunity to relax and recovery after a tough day.

Is there a next day? This will def help people feel better about what's next.

Who doesn't like a massage?

Muscles do need some TLC after a good workout let alone a long day working. There have been a number of benefits associated with massage, recovery being a familiar one. Time to relax!

Teach people how to help their body

When you've got a therapist's attention you have a trained professional who can help you look after your body. You only have one, so learning how to help yourself is key to longevity.


Festivals are a great palce to explore what you love in a more relaxed enviroment. Spending time to treat yourself to a massage or discussing an issue that's holding you back is what we do.

You'll always find a friendly face keen to help with whatever the world is throwing at you!

Retreats & Training Camps

You can have your own team of therapists on-site and ready for your clients to get the most out of their training camp. Dealing with any issues as they arise and preparing for the next day's session.

Or if the event is a more relaxed vibe then think about adding the extra benefit of a restoring and relaxing way for people to spend their time away. Help them leave feeling like they've had an experience they'd want again and again.

Who we've worked with

We have a great portfolio of events we've worked with

What do our team do

Our team are trained musculoskeletal practitioners with a range of skills.

Each therapist offers:

  • Manual therapy - Hands-on techniques to loosen joints and tissues
  • Sports Taping - Ligament support from sprains, muscle function replacement
  • Sports Massage - Supporting recovery and helping sooth sore tissues
  • Stretching advice - The right combination of movements to soothe sore tissue
  • Assisted stertching - 1:1 mobility sessions helping to ease muscle soreness
  • Nutritional & hydration advice - Help keeping you fueled, salted & ready everyday

Whatever your event may be we can ensure you have the right collection of therapists ready to support your clients. We recruit a range of skilled and experienced therapists from many different approaches:

- Osteopaths

- Physiotherapists

- Chiropractors

- Sports massage therapists

- Sports therapists & rehabilitators

How have we helped

Injury Management - Crisis averted

A well prepared run can go from smashing it to a complete standstill within moments. We have heard too many story from our grateful runners, who we have helped back into the race from a potential DNF.

Here's Jennah talking about an old injury rearing it's head on day 2. It didn't take long to get Jennah's hip and Achilles sorted and back to the start line for the next day. We're very happy to have helped keep Jennah on the course and keep that troublesome injury away.

Your own Sports Massage therapist each day every day

Yes it's sore, but it can make such a difference. Whether you're looking for a PB, podium or just don't want to hurt as much this can be the difference. All our Osteopaths are sports massage trained and have worked with sports people within their normal clinics. They know what you put your body through.
Waking up feeling fresh is almost unimaginable on a Ultra Marathon, but it can happen with a little support and some firm hands!

Sport tape to the rescue - Replacing muscle function

Guy was about to pull out of the race due to persistent sharp pain every time he lifted his leg. It was the end of day 3 and the hardest day was next, 72 km on loose sand. As you can imagine there is a lot of knee lifting during an ultra marathon, let alone dealing with the loose sand. This taping prevented Guy's leg moving too far backwards which was over stretching sore and sensitive tissue. 

"I don't think I would have been able to complete the race without a considerable amount of tape and strapping. Once the taping was on finished I felt immediately better. IT goes to show that when muscles stop working, you can simply replace them with tape!".