Love Trails Festival

Want to spend a long weekend doing what you love in a very cool place with very cool people? Then the Love Trails Festival is perfect for you!

We are putting a mixed team together of 12 therapists covering simple sports massage to a more detailed injury diagnosis & treatment plan service.

If you haven't been to this before you're going to have an epic opportunity for fun and paid work!

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Event information

We are hand to offer support to all the festival goers. We are offering a paid for service giving you the chance to earn whilst enjoying the atmosphere.

What we cover

Entry to the event - £200+

Fully stocked treatment bag

Covered treatment area

Reception/Front of house support

Event t-shirt

What you cover

Travel to & from the event

Food for the event

Portable treatment couch

Tent & camping kit

Personal kit/clothes, extra food & snacks

Who’s this open to

We are looking for therapists who are experienced when working with runners.

We’re offering 2 types of support:

1/ Sports massage 

2/ Injury diagnosis, Treatment & Advice




Arrive: Thursday 6th July

Depart: Monday 10th July

Or late on Sunday evening


Gower Peninsula

Weobley Castle, West Castle Farm, Llanrhidian, Swansea SA3 1HB


Car, Train & Cardiff Airport


12 therapists

1 shift per day 5-6 hrs - AM & PM




On-site vendors are open

throughout the event

Kit List

Here's a list of what you would 

need for the event

Example list

Paid event?


You get paid 50% of what you earn

Therapist Deposit


Refundable upon completing event

Event info

Love Trails is the world’s first music festival for trail runners and adventure-seekers

Join a gathering of like-minded adventure seekers and music-lovers, as we turn the beautiful Gower Peninsula in South Wales into our very own adventure playground for one glorious long weekend. Meet likeminded people doing what they love in a stunning south of Wales.

Event Itinerary

Here's an outline of our times for the event

Arrive: Thursday - 14:00 - Setup 

Briefing at 14:30

Shift pattern: AM 08:00 - 13:30. PM 13:00 - 19:00

Shifts to be shared equally

Depart: Either late Sunday or Monday AM


Why do I need to pay a deposit?

This secures your place and helps us ensure our team is full for each event

When do I get my deposit back?

Typically after the event has finished. See our deposit policy for more information

Can I arrive earlier and/or stay longer than the event?

Unfortunately not for this event as the campsite has set times available


What does a typical event day look like?

One shift per day offering treatment and massage as organised with Kieran


Is food provided during the event?

Not from us but there are vendors at the event offering a range of vegan and non-vegan foods

Are tents provided or do I bring my own?

You will need to bring your own tent.


What other duties may I be asked to do?

We ask that you help promote our services at the event by talking to people and promting our support

What do I need to bring to treat?

Nothing, unless you have particular tools or equipment you want to use. We provide a treatment couch, PPE and a treatment bag containing:

- A variety of tape - Zinc Oxide, K-Tape and Elastic Adhesive Bandages (EAB)

- Instant Ice packs

- Scissors, Adhesive spray

- Massage oil

- Treatment gloves

- Couch cleaning products