Run Brittania

We are supporting Rat Race on their 35 day event crossing the entire length of the United Kingdom from Lands End to John O'Groats. Over 80 runners complete this in 5 stages, covering 20-30 miles a day. 

Our role is to offer MSK support to those in need. unlike some of our previous event we are not aiming to offer treatment to all runners.

If you're looking to take a break from the Rat Race of clinic and spend time with a whole new group of inspiring people then this event is for you!

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Rat race run britannia
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Event information

We are offering injury management, taping and manual/soft tissue therapy in camp at the end and start fo each day. You will be working with a medic at each stage of the event who will be managing any medical issues e.g. blisters, infection control, hydration issues.

What we cover

Fully stocked treatment bag

Portable massage table

Travel during the event

What you cover

Travel to & from the event

Personal kit/clothes, extra food & snacks

Event: Run Britannia

Lands end to John O'Groats

5 stages - 6 days long each


Stage 1 - 3-10th June - Lands end - Bristol

Stage 2 - 10-17th June - Bristol to Preston

Stage 3 - 17-24th June - Preston to Abington

Stage 4 - 24th-1st July - Abington to Fort Augustus

Stage 5 - 1-7th July - Fort Augustus to John O'Groats


Car, Train


1 therapist per leg - 6 days each




Food provided throughout event

Kit List

Here's a list of what you would need for the event

Example list

Paid event

 £100 per day

Therapist Deposit


Refundable upon completing event

Event profile


Why do I need to pay a deposit?

This secures your place and helps us ensure our team is full for each event

When do I get my deposit back?

Typically after the event has finished. See our deposit policy for more information

When do I arrive and leave events?

Typically our team arrive 1 day before the runners and leaves 1 day after the event.

Can I arrive earlier and/or stay longer than the event?

But of course! Any expenses outside the event offering will be covered by you.

What does a typical event day look like?

Each event is different  pending the race organisers needs. Here's some examples:

- Start of the event, at checkpoints along the course and at the end.

- Only on the Race HQ for looped courses


How many checkpoints are there per event

Each event will have between 3 and 7 pending the distance covered each day. You will be stationed at 1 or 2 checkpoints pending the course demands.

How do we move around the event to checkpoints and the finish?

Ultra X provide hire cars and local crew cars for all events abroad. UK are the same but you can bring your own car if you please. Fuel used during the event will be reimbursed by Ultra X. To and from the event is not.

Is food provided during the event?

Depending the event some events do offer food. Check the event details for more info.  

Are tents provided or do I bring my own?

You can bing your own tent where needed, check the event details for more information. Some events there is no need to camp,


What do I need to bring to treat?

Nothing, unless you have particular tools or equipment you want to use. We provide a treatment couch, PPE and a treatment bag containing:

- A variety of tape - Zinc Oxide, K-Tape and Elastic Adhesive Bandages (EAB)

- Instant Ice packs

- Scissors, Adhesive spray

- Massage oil

- Treatment gloves

- Couch cleaning products

How long can the days be on during the event?

The days can demanding for the longer event particularly. Some days you start at 4:00 and finish at 21:00. However, there are plenty of opportunities to nap during the event if you need to catch up on sleep. See event details for more info.